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Your building is leaking energy!

Up to two thirds of your oil and gas purchases are heating up our backyard

Your electric bills are unnecessarily high

Your electrical equipments are inefficient

At WattsGen, we specialize in helping you reduce your energy loss and help you save money.


The 7-Point WattsGen Energy Audit

A WattsGen Energy Audit will analyze your home for its energy efficiency. Our industry-approved battery of tests will tell us where your building is losing energy and how much money you can save. WattsGen will also help coordinate the improvements by directing you to licensed contractors.  These improvements will help you save money guaranteed. Our proprietory WattsGen Factor © quickly discovers areas of interest in energy savings. This differentiates us from our competitors.

Think you can't afford an Energy Audit? Think again!

You can get government grants and tax credits for going green. We will help you find these lucrative savings at no additional charge. Of course this is in addition to the $you will save - up to 40% on your energy bills!