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Want to Become an Energy Auditor?

Want to create a recession proof income while helping people save money and helping the environment?

Well, We Can Help!

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The WattsGen Energy Auditor Certification is for highly motivated individuals who have an eye for opportunity. The Green Economy has created enormous opportunities for people like yourself to enter a new industry that is essential to the world's future. As the global economy faces extended recession businesses and homeowners alike are looking to save money on their energy costs, a WattsGen Energy Auditing Certification will prepare you to set up your own home based energy auditing business.

WattsGen Certified Energy Auditors will acquire the tools necessary to:

  • Identify energy loss avenues in cooling, heating, and building airflow
  • Help business owners and families save money on energy costs.
  • Have the credentials to prove your
  • Training and preparation.
  • Start your own business within weeks of completion.
  • Join the exclusive ranks of Energy Auditors making huge profits and saving people's money.
  • Put you in position to reap the benefits of the Green Economy.